Collection: Personalised Baptism Candles

Seen by many as an important symbol for any baptismal ceremony as baptism is the very first step of our spiritual life, we have a wonderful range of personalized keepsakes to treasure after the blessing.

These baptismal candles are one of a kind personalised and reflect the true meaning of the sacrament. Each candle will contain the name of the child or adult being baptized, the date of the ceremony, and the church where it was held.

They are well presented for preservation as keepsake memories or to pass down to the family.


How long do the candles take to make?

  • The personalised pillar candles take 3 days to make as the designs need time to set on the candle.
  • Personalised scented candles take 2-3 days to make as they are all made to order which requires a first pour then a second pour the day after. They are then personalised.

What size candles are available?

  • Pillar candles | 21cm x 7cm Dia
  • Jars | 8cm High x 6cm Dia
  • Glass Tumblers | 9.3cm High x 8cm Dia

What is the burn time for each candle type?

  • Jar Container 18 cl | 25 hours (approx).
  • Glass Container 30 cl | 40-50 hours (approx).
  • Pillar Candle 21cm x 7cm | 90 hours (approx).