Collection: Personalised Unity Candles

All of our quality designer unity candle range can be personalised with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. Create a wonderful keepsake today and give the loving couple an endearing memory of their special day.

The lighting of the Unity Candle offers the most reflective moment during a wedding ceremony. Brinley Williams understands that this needs to be perfect.

Our range of unity candle will make your unity wedding ceremony a stand out event.


How long do the candles take to make?

  • The personalised pillar candles take 3 days to make as the designs need time to set on the candle.
  • Personalised scented candles take 2-3 days to make as they are all made to order which requires a first pour then a second pour the day after. They are then personalised.

What size candles are available?

  • Pillar candles | 21cm x 7cm Dia
  • Jars | 8cm High x 6cm Dia
  • Glass Tumblers | 9.3cm High x 8cm Dia

What is the burn time for each candle type?

  • Jar Container 18 cl | 25 hours (approx).
  • Glass Container 30 cl | 40-50 hours (approx).
  • Pillar Candle 21cm x 7cm | 90 hours (approx).