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Collection: Personalised Candles

Capture meaningful moments with the perfect personalised gift. Our handmade candles are ideal for any special occasion - Weddings, Baptisms, Christenings, Naming Days, Anniversaries, Engagements or Birthdays.

Customise your unique keepsake with a photo to capture memories for years to come. The perfect way to commemorate your loved one in an elegant and tasteful way and will enhance any special occasion.


How long do the candles take to make?

  • The personalised pillar candles take 3 days to make as the designs need time to set on the candle.
  • Personalised scented candles take 2-3 days to make as they are all made to order which requires a first pour then a second pour the day after. They are then personalised.

What size candles are available?

  • Pillar candles | 21cm x 7cm Dia
  • Jars | 8cm High x 6cm Dia
  • Glass Tumblers | 9.3cm High x 8cm Dia

What is the burn time for each candle type?

  • Jar Container 18 cl | 25 hours (approx).
  • Glass Container 30 cl | 40-50 hours (approx).
  • Pillar Candle 21cm x 7cm | 90 hours (approx).