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Collection: Personalised Name Mugs

Add a personal touch to your daily brew with this range of Personalised name mugs! With 3 different sizes and 8 vibrant color options available, these custom name mugs are perfect for enjoying your favorite tea or coffee. 

Say goodbye to boring mugs and hello to one that's all about you. Time to start the day with a smile and make every sip extra special with a mug that's uniquely yours.


What style of personalised mugs do you offer?

You can choose from 2 different mug styles

  • Earthenware Ceramic
  • Fine Bone China

Bone china mugs are available in two sizes.

  • Small Bone China 7oz
  • Big Bone China 14oz

Do you have a size guide for the mugs?

Mug Mesaurements are as follows.

  • Ceramic: Size: 10oz: 9cm High x 8cm Dia | Weight: 310gr
  • Big Bone China: Size: 14oz: 9cm High x 9cm Dia | Weight: 255gr
  • Small Bone China: Size: 7oz: 8.4cm High x 7.5cm Dia | Weight:

Are your mugs dishwasher and microwave safe?

Yes! you can safely wash our Mugs in a dishwasher as well as use them in a Microwave.

Can I add my own designs to a mug?

Yes! Please visit the page for designing your own mug.

Can my mug be gift boxed?

Unfortunately I no longer offer gift boxes.